Performance collage

This First Nations Performance Series functioned as a stage for representing the history and contemporary concerns of Native peoples. Drawing on a diversity of practices and the talents of many local artists, the series featured an opening cabaret event and solo performances by Margo Kane, Zachery Longboy, Marie Humber, Âhasiw K. Maskêgon-Iskwêw, Thom E. Hawke, Dana Claxton, Michelle Thrush, and Annie Frazier. Many of the performances addressed the influence of aboriginal heritage on contemporary identity and the lingering stereotypes and histories of injustice that form the central challenges of living in a white-dominated society. The series programme also featured a number of essays on Native expression and cultural survival including Coast Salish actor/writer – and, now, physician – Evan Tlesla Adams’ essay "Native Voices in a White Society."

First Nations Performance Series logo - 1992

“White Shame” - Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew sewing eagle feathers to his chest
“Tree of Consumption” - Dana Claxton speaking into mic behind row of TVs
“Nanabush” - Thom E. Hawke sitting in corner wearing coyote mask
“Recreation of a Dream” - at grunt gallery Zachery Longboy sitting naked in a steel washtub