Performance collage

Performance was only a part of the larger multidisciplinary project, Halfbred, which included exhibitions, installations, video screenings and performances. Despite a somewhat contentious title, Halfbred adeptly addressed the experience of being caught between identity categories. Many of the works in the series pointed to the marginal status of mixed race, bisexual or transgendered people, and the politics surrounding ideas about cultural hybridity. Three different cabaret nights framed the issues—miscegenation, bisexuality, and transgenderism—and provided context for performance events by Margo Kane, Lorena Gale, Âhasiw K. Maskêgon-Iskwêw, Christine Taylor, Archer Pechawis, OLIV, Michael Vonn, and A. Maracle. A CD-ROM of the project, supplemented by artists' writings about their experiences and personal insights on being "halfbred," was eventually produced.

Halfbred Program logo text with figures holding hands

“Gender Moebus” - Aiyyana Maracle on platform above doorway
“Halfbred” - Archer Pechawis arms akimbo surrounded by four people
“Halfbred” - Archer Pechawis kneeling beside fire
“Hung Like A Donut” - Michael Vonn at podium
“Facets of Human Sexuality” - left to right Oliv, Aiyyana Maracle, Stephen Anthony, Haruko Okano
“Facets of Human Sexuality” - Oliv Aiyyana Maracle wearing headdress arms spread apart palms foward