Performance collage

This series was the first in a decade-long series of performance art festivals programmed by the grunt, whose spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation would eventually evolve into the LIVE Biennale. After a successful experiment presenting Suburban Songs (a series of performance monologues) at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in 1987, the grunt launched the Vancouver Performance Art Series as a more comprehensive survey of Vancouver performance practices alongside the 1990 Fringe Festival. Curated by Glenn Alteen and Susi Milne, the series opened with the Pop Tart Cabaret and included performances by Chris Creighton-Kelly, OLIV, Sheri-D Wilson, Margo Kane, Scott Tate, Emily Faryna, Sandra Lockwood, Elizabeth Fischer, Lowell Morris, and Andrew Wilson.

Vancouver Performance Art Series logo - 1990

Scott Tate with watermelon and Quaker Oats projection
at grunt gallery Emily Faryna centre with back to camera Jonathan Wells behind
Sheri D Wilson at grunt gallery left to right Katya Gorrie Sheri D Wilson Lisa Hartley
Margo Kane at grunt gallery Kane standing HOME written on floor