Performance collage

LIVE at the End of the Century was the most ambitious of the performance festivals organized by grunt in the 1990s. Working in collaboration with eleven other galleries, artist-run centres and local venues, LIVE aimed to present Vancouver's unique performance art traditions and history to a larger public. The program was over a month long and featured both local and international artists, and works by established, well-known practitioners as well as new and emerging artists in the field. Over sixty artists participated, including Dana Claxton, Geoffrey Farmer, Andrew McCully, Maya Love, Satina Saturnina, Ann Hamilton, Jerry Allen, Trevor Gould, Taste This, Helena Goldwater, Marlene Madison-Plimley, Kiss & Tell, Paul Wong, Judy Radul, Judith Norris, Reona Brass, Lori Blondeau, Thirza Cuthand, Mo-Ling Chui and Winston Xin, among others. A series of writers' and artists' talks, exhibitions, special video screenings, multimedia events and an eclectic opening night cabaret at the historic Vogue were also part of the program. LIVE at the End of the Century became the model and inspiration for Vancouver's current biannual performance art festival, the LIVE Biennale.

LIVE at the End of the Century half poster

“Sector X” 2 masked performers playing with toy animals
“Sector X” Victoria Singh and 2 masked performers onstage with oversized wooden blocks in front spelling MENTAL
“Too Close to Fire” Taste This - left to right Lynn Phillips Ivan Coyote Zoe Eakle looking at camera Anna Camilleri
“Too Close to Fire” Taste This - Zoe Eakle performing
“Too Close to Fire” Taste This - Ivan Coyote performing
Kiss and Tell: left to right Persimmon Blackbridge Lizard Jones Susan Stewart
Kiss and Tell - Persimmon Blackbridge, Lizard Jones and Susan Stewart onstage with a projection of a daisy