Performance collage

Queer City was a two and a half month long celebration that included performance, musical theatre, visual art and literary programming. Addressing a variety of themes related to sexuality, marginalization and identity politics, these two series ran concurrently and featured performances by local queer and two-spirited artists. Ranging in style from scripted play and poetry reading to solo performance and dance, both performance series worked to make visible the diversity of queer lives in the city. As co-curator Brice Canyon puts it, it is a “festival where on a queer day you can be seen forever.” The Queer City Series included performances by Christine Taylor, River Sui, Tanya Mars, Archer Pechawis, and lesbian comedy duo Random Acts (Jackie Crossland and Nora D. Randall). The Two Spirit Series, curated by Archer Pechawis, was presented in conjunction with the Pitt Gallery and featured works by Cliff Red Crow, Percy Lezard, Zachery Longboy, Denise Lonewalker (whose Mi'kmaq name, Nishka-Na-Wee-Wia, translates as “the spirit that dances”), Warren Arcan, and a coming out story by young playwright Raven Courtney. As co-curator Glenn Alteen writes in "Queer and Now," the focus on queer performance in Vancouver is timely, intersecting with the rise of queer theory and interest in a more explicit critique of the racism and homophobia that undergirds dominant views of sexuality.

Queer City Series Q logo

“water into fire” Zachery Longboy dancing
“water into fire” Margo Kane standing surrounded by pill bottles
“Orpheus” - Warren Arcan sitting edge of stage
“Orpheus” - Warren Arcan laughing gesturing toward sculpture
River Sui wearing suit jacket behind table
River Sui wearing suit muscle man pose
“Too Little Too Late Too Loaded” - Christine Taylor in glittery dress with hands above head
“Too Little Too Late Too Loaded” - Christine Taylor leaning on music stand smiling
“Who Are These People?” -  Random Acts Jackie Crossland with bent knees both hands making a point Nora D Randall standing
“Who Are These People?” - Random Acts Jackie Crossland with right arm on leg Nora D Randall hands gesturing by head